How Storms Affect A Roof

Do you know what happens to your roof during a severe storm? It may become damaged to the point where you could possibly get a new roof. Does this happen to every roof during a storm? No, it depends on how old the roof is, how well it’s been maintained, how well it was put on, and also how sever the storm was. If you are caught in a severe storm it would be a wise choice to have your roof inspected after the storm. A&A Roofing Omaha, NE offers a free roofing, siding, and gutters inspections. Our roofing professionals at A&A Roofing Omaha, NE will personally let you know if there is damage to your property and if there is enough damage to make an insurance claim. During storms, especially hail your roof can take a beating and may cause problems such as leaking, holes or cracks being put into the roof. During severe storms, your roof will start to lose granules off the shingles. Granules provide a protection to the roof from harmful UV rays. Granule loss is expected with age, but it is accelerated during a severe storm. Without these granules, the asphalt coating will be exposed taking away from the shingles water shedding ability and may cause shingles to crack or be punctured easier. Some larger storms can potentially even cause shingles to tear away and fall off. To make sure your roof is in good condition you should have it inspected after a severe storm if you believe it may have been damaged. To set up a free inspection today, please call A&A Roofing Omaha, NE today at 402-391-1141 or visit our A&A Roofing Omaha, NE website. A&A Roofing is here to help you with your roofing needs. Looking for a roofing contractor in Omaha? Let A&A Roofing Omaha, NE help you today. For more information on what can happen to your roof during a storm, please visit our Storm Damage page on our A&A Roofing website.