Closed Vs. Open Valleys

A valley is where the roofs planes intersect. This part of the roof is one of the most vulnerable parts of a roof. If the valley is not properly installed, it can water to get into the home and cause damage. In roofing, there are two different types of valley styles both with their advantages and disadvantages. These two styles are a closed valley, and an open valley.

The most popular, and most often used valley is a closed valley. These valleys are more often used by contractors because of their aesthetic qualities as well as them being easy and fast to install. Closed valleys do not require you to have to order additional material. These valleys the shingles are installed across where the planes intersect. Lot of residential roofs like to go with the closed valley because of how cost-effective they are.  With a closed valley system, the ice and water aren’t shed as quickly and may cause granule loss to the shingle. Also, the depending on what shingle you choose, the thickness and weight of the shingle may make it so they do not lay flat across the joint of the roof.

In an open valley, a sheet of metal is fastened to the roof at the joint. For this valley method, the shingles are installed to the roof, then cut and sealed where they overlap the metal. With the open valley system, it may shed ice and water more quickly, which could help minimize granule loss. Making for a longer lasting system. This valley also offers an aesthetic look if properly installed. Also, they are easier to fix if problems were to occur later on. These valleys are however more expensive to install and require ordering other material to do the installation.

As the homeowner, you get to decide if you would like an open valley or a closed valley. Our experts at A&A Roofing will help you to decide what would be best. For a free inspection please call A&A Roofing Yankton, SD to schedule an appointment. Or visit our A&A Roofing Yankton, SD website. To view some photos of our work please visit our picture and videos page on our A&A Roofing website. website. Also for a full list of our locations and phone numbers visit the A&A Roofing website. A&A Roof your local roofing and siding experts.